Security In An Unsafe World Seminar and Workshop @ TBD
Nov 17 @ 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Security in an Unsafe World Seminar and Workshop (4 hrs)


Objective: For the student to learn the basics of awareness and protection concepts and apply these concepts to their church environment and daily lives.
Target Student: Current or potential security team members, pastors, church administrators, church staff, security personnel and law enforcement officers.

Format:  Classroom and hands on.

Fee: $50 per student. Minimum of 10 students. Payment due at beginning of class.

Admin: To register email For more information or questions visit us as

Where: To Be Determined (Host facility gets one free slot)

When: Sat Nov 17th from 8:00AM-12:00PM


Mindset and Awareness (classroom 1 hr)

How to personally cultivate situational awareness and apply it to your daily life and work environment.

  • Situational awareness
  • Cooper’s Color Codes
  • OODA Loop Theory
  • Combat Stress and Sympathetic Nervous System Response
  • Combat Breathing
  • Combat Mindset
  • Violence and The Attack Pathway


Behavior Recognition (classroom 1 hr)

How to notice normality and abnormalities in public environments and what to do once an abnormality is recognized.

  • The Emotions on their face, The Clothes they wear and The Things they do
  • Baselines and anomalies
  • Facial recognition concepts
  • Pre-indicators of violence
  • Personalities of social groups


Security Team Operations (classroom 1 hr)

How to “think like the enemy” and implement protection concepts for you and your organization.

  • The 3 levels of church security
  • The 5 steps of security team implementation
  • Armed team administration requirements
  • Point of contact (POC)
  • Chain of command (COC)
  • Span of control (SOC)
  • Training program recommendations and industry best practices
  • Protection concepts (Circles and Zones)
  • Table top exercises


Auditorium and Large Venue Protection Concepts (auditorium 1 hrs)

How to reasonably respond to abnormalities in large venue settings.

  • Case Studies
  • Use of force continuum
  • Placement recommendations
  • Levels of disruption
  • Ask, Tell, Make
  • Time and distance drills
  • Scenarios
  • Students will be given a list of free and purchasable training resources, books and training materials that they can access on their own time to continue learning about these concepts