Church Security Academy


For the student to learn the skills, knowledge and mindset in order to operate as an authorized security professional at their Place of Worship, by completing a course of education and training designed to raise their ability to exceed a recognized, peer reviewed industry standard. The instruction is done by Subject Matter Experts in their particular areas. This program is in compliance with Nebraska State Statute 69-2441.


Courses includes up to 60 hours in the classroom and 50 hours of handgun instruction.


Certified Church Protector (C.C.P.)

Tuition $700.00

Course Objective: For the student to learn skills that aid in safe and legal handling of threats in a Place of Worship as an unarmed authorized security professional.

Course of Instruction:

  • Moral Issues of Lethal Force
  • Legal Issues of Lethal Force
  • Mindset and Awareness
  • Behavior Recognition
  • Physical Security and Protection Concepts
  • Special Event Risk Management
  • Threat Assessment
  • Stop The Bleed certification
  • Tactical Communication
  • Protective Intelligence
  • Operational Security
  • Team building, team work and Operational Communication
  • Combatives and Unarmed Protection Skills

Certified Armed Guardian (C.A.G.)

Tuition $700.00

Course Objective: For the student to demonstrate safe gun handling and introductory handgun tactics in a live fire environment and to act as an authorized armed security professional. This course will focus on repetition of basic skills, accurate placement of the shot and multiple target acquisition.

This module is the same as the Church Guardian Program. The Church Guardian Program is a certification process for licensed and responsible CCW holders to act as an authorized emergency security resource for their church during a critical incident. The course will focus on safely resolving active shooter problems wherever they are encountered to include a safe link up with police. Course material will be applicable to church security teams, church staff, pastors and law enforcement personnel.

Course of Instruction:

  • Safety
  • Combat Mindset
  • Case Studies
  • Range Fire
  • Barricade Work
  • Vehicle Deployment
  • Exterior Contact
  • Hallway CQB
  • Single CQB
  • Medical
  • Link up with Police
  • Scenarios

Certified Church Security Specialist (C.C.S.S.)

Tuition $1,400.00

Course Objective: For the student to learn the skills to operate as an authorized armed security professional in their Place of Worship.

Course of Instruction:

  • Completion of Certified Church Protector Course
  • Completion of Certified Armed Guardian Course
  • 70% or greater on all homework assignments
  • Written Final Paper
  • Successful Completion of Final Exercise