Customized Individual Skills


For the student to learn new and advanced material regarding handgun tactics in a live fire environment.


Price $200.00. Payment due at beginning of class.

Class will be 4 hours on the range. Shooting will begin at class start time so arrive early enough to get geared up ahead of time and be ready to go when class begins.


  • 400 rounds of ammunition
  • 3 magazines
  • Magazine pouch on belt
  • Adequate firearm
  • Adequate holster
    • Strong side holsters only (no cross draw or shoulder holsters)
    • Muzzle must point at the ground when holstered
    • Holster must cover the trigger
  • Adequate belt
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Open jacket or open shirt to be used as a concealed garment
  • Appropriate range attire (No shorts or sandals. Be aware of flying brass and/or splashback, dress accordingly)
  • Water and inclement weather gear (We’ll be outdoors the entire time)


  • Discuss goals of the training (prior to class)
  • Discuss capabilities and limitations (prior to class)
  • Equipment check
  • Safety
  • Pistol skill evaluation
  • Customized training program to meet your specific needs
  • Realistic time and accuracy standards
  • Individual shooting “work out” plans
  • Training debrief