Red Team Testing


To have personnel observe, identify and exploit (as appropriate) security protocols of your church facility and church security team. This is done through surveillance and in a covert nature without interrupting regular church functions. Findings are then presented in a written After Action Report and a written simulated attack plan to church leadership to assist them in highlighting vulnerabilities and creatively think through possible emergency response plans, before such a scenario occurs.

These exercises are extremely effective. Due to the nature of these exercises only seasoned professionals are tasked with performing the Red Team Exercise. Since safety is the first priority everything must be done in a very delicate and professional fashion with appropriate church leadership approval. This is not a “threat assessment” to begin your security policies. This is a stress-test for churches who already have an existing security team in place. Please contact us to discuss details on this exercise and how it can be applied to your specific facility. This course focuses on churches but could be applied to any facility.


  • Starting price $1000.00 depending on the level of the exercise and the size of the facility.


  • Written permission must be provided to Safety Systems Group personnel by church leadership.
  • An appointed time will be coordinated with church leadership only.
  • Church security personnel will not know the time and date of the exercise.
  • Threat and Vulnerability Assessment.
  • Evidence of Breach of Protocol and Vulnerabilities will be provided via photographs and video recordings.