Threat and Vulnerability Assessment


The objective of a Threat and Vulnerability Assessment is for an outside security expert, by request, to come into an existing structure, facility or organization and assess the property on its various strengths and weaknesses. The assessor analyses this through “hard/soft target” theory and comparing the property to common industry standards. This allows the client to gain a general understanding of threats and vulnerabilities that exist on their property.


  • Price $500 minimum depending on size of the facility.
  • Travel expenses are to be paid if overnight stay is required.


  • To goal is to merge common industry security standards with the existing goals of your organization.
  • On-site visitation and walk through.
  • Examination of exterior and interior of facility for safety and security issues.
  • If possible, a copy of the facility floor plan and any written existing emergency protocols will be provided.
  • Obversee traffic flow, crowd movements, wayfinding issues and general layout of the facility.
  • Conduct survey of any existing physical security systems (alarm systems, cameras etc.)
  • Obversee and inspect children’s areas and child-check in procedures if applicable.
  • After Action meeting with facility leadership on initial findings.
  • Conduct questioning of available leadership on any current known threats or security issues.
  • Depending on the goals of your organization we will provide options for further training opportunities, products and services that and help mitigate risk.
  • Within seven days, submit a written After Action Report to include identified vulnerabilities and recommendations to assist you with improving the safety and security of your facility. This report may include a simulated attack plan if requested.